Organic Fluoro Chemical

There are various types of Organic Fluoro Chemical offered by us that refer to those organic compounds that have a Carbon-Fluorine bond. They are also alternatively referred to as organofluoro or organ fluorine compounds. They are useful laboratory reagents, such as Triflic acid (trifluoromethanesulfonic acid) and trifluoroacetic acid, used frequently in organic synthesis. The triflate group is a good leaving group and is employed in several substitution and coupling reactions. It is used for plasma etching in semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel display production, and micro electromechanical systems fabrication. The offered Organic Fluoro Chemical is very efficient and useful. 
Product Image (CAS number 375-72-4)

Perfluorobutanesulfonyl Fluoride

Perfluorobutanesulfonyl Fluoride

Product Image (CAS-126-83-0)

Chps Na

Price: 3 USD ($)/Ton

Sodium 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonate/CHPS-Na CAS:126-83-0 Purity:98.5% Appearance:white crystalline powder

Product Image (Cas 1896 62 4)

PUB Polyquaternium-2

Good quality PUB (Diaminourea polymer) Polyquaternium-2 (PUB/WT) CAS No.: 68555-36-2

Product Image (FT-4)

Fluorosurfactant Factory

Fluorosurfactant factory

Product Image (01)

Perfluorobutane Sulfonyl Fluoride

Perfluoro-1-butanesulfonyl Fluoride 375-72-4 CAS:375-72-4 Trade name FC-4 Chemical name perfluorobutylsulfonyl fluoride Assay 95% Appearance colorless and transparent liquid

Product Image (375-72-4)

Nanafluorobutanesulfonyl Fluoride

Nanafluorobutanesulfonyl fluoride CAS 375-72-4

Product Image (FC-98)

Fire Retardant Material

fire retardant material

Product Image (03)

Potassium Perfluorobutane Sulfonate

Potassium Perfluorobutane sulfonate

Product Image (CAS No. 2618-96-4)

BBI Bis(Benzene Sulphonyl)Imide

Sulfonylimide compound, it has physical characteristic of sulfonyl imide soluble in alkaline solution. In electroplating, it is used as primary brightener instead of saccharin, it has better leveling ability and less consumption than saccharin.

Product Image (CAS17527-29-6 2H)

2-(Perfluorohexyl) Ethyl Acrylate

2-(Perfluorohexyl) Ethyl Acrylate CAS17527-29-6

Product Image (FT-134)

Chromic Acid Fog Inhibitor

Chromic acid fog inhibitor

Product Image (Fc-134)

Fc-134 Fluoro Surfactant

Fc-134 Fluoro surfactant

Product Image (FC-98)

Potassium Perflurobutane Sulfonate

FC-98(Potassium perflurobutane sulfonate)

Product Image (BT-AN-6)

Fire Extinguishing Agent

Fire Extinguishing Agent

Product Image (1493-13-6)

Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid

Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid cas 1493-13-6

Product Image (29420-49-3)

Plastic Flame Retardant

Plastic flame retardant CAS 29420-49-3

Product Image (29420-49-3)

Flame Retardant Plastic

Flame retardant plastic CAS 29420-49-3


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